Rule limits

Twitter will now begin to enforce long-held contractual limits for the number of rules that a customer is able to add to their stream by enforcing rule limits on PowerTrack. While these limits have always been observed, we are now making it easier for customers to know where their limits stand and how close they are to their cap. Functionality has been added to our console that will allow you to observe your current rule count for each product and stream. This information can be found on the right hand side of a product page just under the activity counter (see below).

This can also be found under the rules section of the usage tab (see below).

What If I Hit My Cap?

If you attempt to upload more rules to your stream that you are contractually allowed, you will receive the following message:

“Request exceeds account’s Rule Limit. Delete rules or contact your account manager to proceed.”

If you encounter this error message while you have an open connection, your stream will not be disrupted. In order to add more rules once you hit your cap, you will either need to delete rules from your stream or reach out to your account manager to increase your contractual limit.