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Twitter is what's happening - it's your live connection to the world. Businesses across the globe can make better, more impactful decisions when they're able to act on realtime data about the world. InsightsTrack empowers businesses to do their best work on Twitter by providing access to what's happening right now. A rich, real-time heartbeat of reach and engagement metrics for owned Twitter content gives businesses the confidence to measure, optimize, and act.

Note: You may observe differences between reported data on some of the Twitter web dashboards, and the data reported in the Engagement API and Insights Track API. These differences occur because the web dashboards typically only show engagements and/or impressions that occurred within the selected time range. For example, a web dashboard may show engagement on Tweets within the span of a calendar month, while the Engagement API may show engagements that fall beyond the span of that month, but within the time range requested. The Engagement API should be seen as the valid source, in these cases.

Example Use Cases

Realtime impression and engagement metrics for managed Tweets is extremely powerful, and we can't wait to see what you build. Top use cases for InsightsTrack data include:

  • Analyze true reach
    • For the first time at scale, you can analyze unique reach on your Tweets.
  • Data-driven content recommendations
    • Analyze time-based signals from how your content performs to make more intelligent recommendations on when to publish.
    • Evaluate objective-specific campaign strategies (e.g., optimizing for video views or link clicks) to determine what to publish.
    • Provide realtime feedback on different creative options to determine the best content to promote.
  • Marketing automation
    • Alert or notify as soon as a given piece of content across a defined engagement threshold so that you can automatically promote it or publish from other accounts.
    • Provide realtime feedback on which media assets perform the best to optimize overall marketing strategy.
    • Empower real-time campaign adjustments.

Core Features

The core features of InsightsTrack are:

  • Realtime summary delivery of impression and engagement metrics that occur on the authenticated Twitter @handle's Tweets
  • Cumulative metrics for easier tracking of Tweets in realtime


Types of Engagement Data

Type Description Organic data Promoted data
impressions An impression on the Tweet. X  
favorites A Like (previously known as Favorite) on the Tweet. X X
replies A Reply to the Tweet. X X
retweets A Retweet of the Tweet. X X
quote_tweets A Quote of the Tweet (Retweet with comment). X  
unfavorites A removal of a favorite on the Tweet. X X
unreplies A deletion of reply to the Tweet. X X
unretweets A deletion of a Retweet to the Tweet. X  
unquote_tweets A deletion of a quote to the Tweet. X  
url_clicks A click on a URL in the Tweet. X  
hashtag_clicks A click on a hashtag in the Tweet. X  
detail_expands A click on the More Details button on the Tweet. X  
permalink_clicks A click on the permalink to the Tweet (timestamp on the Tweet). X  
media_clicks A click on Media in the Tweet. X  
app_install_attempts A click on the Install button on an App card. X  
app_opens A click on the Open button on an App card. X  
email_tweet A click on the Email Tweet button. X  
user_follows A follow on a User (Tweet Author) from this Tweet. X  
user_profile_clicks A click on the profile of the User (Tweet Author) from this Tweet. X  
video_starts A video start in the Tweet, either due to autoplay or being tapped to start. X  
video_views A view on the video in the Tweet. This metric includes video views on animated GIFs and corresponds to Twitter's viewing standard of 100% of the video rendered and viewed for at least three seconds. X  
video_viewed_25 25% of a video in the Tweet was viewed. X  
video_viewed_50 50% of a video in the Tweet was viewed. X  
video_viewed_75 75% of a video in the Tweet was viewed. X  
video_viewed_95 95% of a video in the Tweet was viewed. X  
video_viewed_100 100% of a video in the Tweet was viewed. X  


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