Usage tab

Usage tab

The Usage Tab provides insight into your use of your streams over various time periods. For programmatic access to usage information, see the Usage API.


The Monthly Usage page displays your stream usage broken down by product. For example, coverage products (for example, PowerTrack, Historical PowerTrack, and PowerTrack Replay) for a given data source will be grouped together to provide separate data, as well as a combined roll-up count. The counts include a current month-to-date, estimated end-of-month (based on this month’s usage so far, and remaining time in the month), and the previous two months’ counts.

Notably, these counts are deduplicated for each product and stream. If you received the same Tweet through multiple connections to the same PowerTrack stream, that Tweet will be counted once for these purposes. Counts will be updated every 24 hours at 00:00 UTC.


The Daily Usage page provides daily deduplicated counts for each day in the current month, broken down by product. Counts are updated every 24 hours at 00:00 UTC.


Rule limits are based on your contracted PowerTrack rule package and are applied across all streams of a given "type". Counts are updated whenever a new rule is added or deleted.