MACT Overview

Twitter mobile app promotion measurement allows advertisers to track the success of advertising campaigns on Twitter that are designed to drive installs or other in-app conversions. A Twitter mobile measurement partner provides the ability for an advertiser to manage what conversions they want to track from the apps they are promoting on Twitter. Once the advertiser has set up the type and time windows of the events they want to track the mobile measurement partner will send all of those events to Twitter and immediately receive attribution data indicating the campaign and creative that the user engaged with to drive the conversion.

Conversion Events

In order to report a conversion event to Twitter and get attribution data the partner must send the mobile app ID, type and timestamp of the conversion, as well as a hashed value of the advertising/device ID. Providing this data will record the conversion event on Twitter’s platform as well as return the attribution where appropriate. In addition, the advertiser may elect to provide extra metadata about the conversion event such as value of a purchase, the ID of a product, or a registration method.

Twitter Audience Platform (TAP)

The Twitter Audience Platform (TAP) is a network where advertisers can expand the reach of their campaigns beyond Twitter through devices served by MoPub. Conversion tracking on TAP through the API works much like Twitter conversion tracking does. Advertisers have the ability to run a single campaign across both Twitter and the Twitter Audience Platform. The same feature support should exist across both networks.

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