Creative Metadata Tagging



This guide is for creative partners, agencies and creative developers to tag assets used within Twitter campaigns to better understand individual asset value and performance.

Note: Media assets must only be tagged by the partner or developer creating the media asset. If the user of the media asset did not create the media asset, do not implement metadata tagging.

Creative Metadata Tagging provides attribution of images and videos created by Creative Partners wherever the asset is uploaded to Twitter, or whomever the entity that is uploading the asset. To create the connection between the creative asset and the creative partner, the XMP standard is used.


Tagging Creative Assets

The following table shows the identifier types currently available in each image-related resource's response as well as the corresponding attribute name(s). A tagging tool is needed to tag creative assets. ExifTool, a platform-independent Perl library plus a command-line application for reading, writing, and editing meta information, is recommended. See all supported file types.

Follow the provided instructions to install ExifTool. There are also software packages offered by Homebrew to further simplify the installation by providing the exiftool install command for macOS and Linux. Confirm your tool is properly installed by entering exiftool -ver in the command line to return the tool’s version number. Learn more about ExifTool command parameters in ExifTool documentation.

Creative partners can assign metadata tags on new or existing creative assets with their Twitter app_id to the contributor XMP tag, and date tag. The creative assets will follow the existing size restrictions when Uploading Media

Note: Twitter's use of the contributor XMP tag ensures metadata captures values for campaigns on Twitter exclusively.

exiftool -contributor="<YOUR APP ID>" -creative_file.jpg

exiftool -date="<date>" -creative_file.jpg

The app_id  can be found in the Developer Portal under Projects & Apps. Example: 16489123


The following example adds app_id as the contributor tag and date as the date tag for an image:

creative_file: eiffel_tower.jpg


exiftool -contributor=858382169 eiffel_tower.jpg
   1 image files updated


exiftool -date=2022-03-13 eiffel_tower.jpg
  1 image files updated


Verify that your image has been properly tagged: 

exiftool -xmp:all -G1 <filename>


exiftool -xmp:all -G1 eiffel_tower.jpg

[XMP]        XMP Toolkit            : Image::ExifTool 12.30
[XMP]        Contributor            : 858382169
[XMP]        Date                   : 2022:03:13



If you would like to confirm that your tagging and attribution is successful, please provide sample assets that have been tagged to for a Twitter representative to review.