Twitter Audience Platform for Website Clicks

Drive improved scale and performance for your campaign by reaching your audience across Twitter and the thousands of apps that people use throughout their day.

Extend the reach of your campaign using Twitter’s exclusive targeting signals and measurement capabilities to reach your Website Clicks or Website Conversions goals.

As with other Website Clicks campaigns , you only pay for links clicks. Our algorithm optimizes for link clicks to ensure that you drive the most link clicks for your campaign across Twitter and the Twitter Audience Platform. For advertisers with the conversion tracking via the website tag enabled, we will also have the ability to optimize for website conversions.

Related API Endpoints


  • Create a campaign with the WEBSITE_CLICKS objective and optimization=WEBSITE_CONVERSIONS.
  • Create a corresponding line item with PUBLISHER_NETWORK placement.
  • Upload your media. Dimensions are enforced for supported creative types.
  • Set up account media and define the creative type.
  • Associate media creative to your campaign.
  • Set up desired targeting criteria for the line item.