Twitter Audience Platform for Mobile App Promotion

Drive improved scale and performance for your Mobile App Promotion campaigns by reaching your audience across Twitter and the thousands of apps that people use throughout their day.

Advertisers can choose to serve standard Mobile App Install campaigns using a Promoted Tweet with an Image App Card, and appropriate creatives will be seamlessly created and shown to users on the Twitter Audience Platform. Advertisers can optionally upload custom creatives for use in Twitter Audience Platform placements.

Related API Endpoints


  • Create a campaign
  • Create a corresponding line item with
    • PUBLISHER_NETWORK placement, 
    • set the advertiser_domain and categories parameters,
    • set the product_type to
      • PROMOTED_TWEET to enable Twitter to generate creatives for the Twitter Audience Platform. 
      • MEDIA to upload custom creatives. 
    • Set ios_app_store_identifier or android_app_store_identifier to the mobile app being promoted.
  • Set up desired targeting criteria for the line item.

For product_type=PROMOTED_TWEET:

  • Create a Promoted Tweet using the created line item and a Tweet which includes an image app card

For product_type=MEDIA:

  • Upload your media. Dimensions are enforced for supported creative types.
  • Set up account media and define the creative type.
  • Associate media creative to your campaign.