Keyword targeting in Timelines

Keyword targeting is fundamental to our Promoted Tweets products, giving campaigns better reach. Keyword targeting in timeline enables platforms to target Twitter users based on keywords in their recent Tweets. For example, if an advertiser is targeting the unordered keyword combination “plan + trip”, and a user Tweets, “I’m starting to plan my trip to Cabo, any suggestions?” while the campaign is running, that user may soon afterward see the advertiser’s Promoted Tweet.

How does it work?

TL;DR: from an API standpoint, this change is quite simple: you can now target keywords on Promoted Tweets in Timeline. Just set the targeting_type to unordered_keywords or phrase_keywords for line items.

Quick Start Guide

  • Create a new line item with the placement set to include either ALL_ON_TWITTER or TWITTER_TIMELINE POST accounts/:account_id/line_items
  • Create the targeting criteria for this newly created line item with either BROAD_KEYWORD and set your keyword value(s). POST accounts/:account_id/targeting_criteria
  • You can update the keywords with PUT accounts/:account_id/targeting_criteria
  • Once your campaign is running, get the stats on your line item to gauge performance. GET stats/accounts/:account_id