Premium operator matching

Premium operators Real-time and Historical PowerTrack Premium/Enterprise Search APIs (30-Day and Full-Archive) Matches on Payload element
"exact phrase match" Tweet body text
@ Twitter entities entities.user_mentions
# Twitter entities entities.hashtags
$ ✔* Twitter entities entities.symbols
bio:   User object user.description
bio_location:   User object user.location
bio_name:   User object
bounding_box: Place object place
contains:   Tweet body text
<emoji>   Tweet body text
followers_count:   User object user.followers_count
friends_count:   User object user.friends_count
from: Tweet 'source' attribute, user.id_str, user.screen_name
has:geo Place object place
has:hashtags Tweet body entities.hashtags
has:images Twitter Entities
has:lang   Tweet received language classification lang is not 'und'
has:links Twitter Entities entities.urls
has:media Twitter Entities
has:mentions Tweet entities entities.user_mentions
has:profile_geo User object user.location
has:symbols ✔* Twitter Entities entities.symbols
has:videos Twitter Entities
is:quote   "is_quote_status": true
is:retweet Tweet metadata  
is:verified User object user:verified
✔     Tweet metadata
Scopes object (if present) scopes
keyword Tweet body text
lang: Tweet 'lang' attribute lang
listed_count:   User object user.listed_count
place_country: Place object place
place: Place object place
point_radius: Place object place
profile_bounding_box   User object user.derived.location
profile_country: User object user.derived.location
profile_locality: User object user.derived.location
profile_point_radius   User object user.derived.location
profile_region: User object user.derived.location
profile_subregion:   User object user.derived.location
proximity~N Tweet body text
retweets_of: Tweet metadata retweeted_status exists
sample:   N/A  
source:   Tweet metadata source
statuses_count:   User object user.statuses_count
to: Tweet body text
url_contains:   Twitter Entities entities.urls.expanded_url
url_description:   Twitter Entities entities.urls.unwound.description
url_title:   Twitter Entities entities.urls.unwound.title
url: Twitter Entities entities.urls.expanded_url