Tutorial / Authenticating with the Twitter API for enterprise

Using the enterprise GNIP console and a Twitter developer account

The enterprise GNIP console is available to enterprise data customers with either trial or contracted enterprise API access. Access to the GNIP console is required for enterprise access to the Twitter API.

In comparison, the Twitter developer account gives you access to the Twitter API v1.1 (standard and premium levels of access), as well as the Twitter API v2. You will also need approved access to a Twitter developer account in order to make requests to the Engagement API and the Account Activity API at an enterprise level. 

There currently is no way to link your GNIP console to your Twitter developer account. If you don’t yet have approved access to a Twitter developer account, you will need to apply for access, irrespective of whether your use case has already been approved for enterprise access via the GNIP console. You can reach out to your account manager and technical support team for additional support, or to escalate your developer account application.

Eventually, we will deprecate the GNIP console in favor of the Twitter developer portal, and any access to the Twitter API will be managed via the Twitter developer account. Check our roadmap for future updates regarding this consolidation.




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