Twitter will be discontinuing support for Twitter Kit on October 31, 2018.

Twitter Kit is our open source iOS and Android SDK for displaying Tweets, authorizing Twitter users, and working with the Twitter API. It makes it easy to pull engaging Twitter content into your apps.


  • Easy to use, interactive components for displaying Tweets and timelines in your app.
  • Display standalone Tweets in native views, pull in Collections, lists, profile and search content dynamically.
  • Tools for composing Tweets, enabling users to share content on Twitter.
  • Automatic handling of API access for displaying content.
  • Components for authorizing users; easily log in using the Twitter accounts already on your mobile device. Request email addresses to accelerate your user registration flows.
  • Full-featured tools for accessing the Twitter REST API.
  • Monetize your app using Twitter content and MoPub integration.

Getting Twitter Kit

Twitter Kit is available through Gradle (for Android), CocoaPods and Carthage (for iOS), and in the Unity Asset Store. You can also find the source code and contribute to the projects via GitHub.