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Upgrading from Fabric

Twitter Kit 3 makes some important changes to how the SDK and Twitter applications function. There’s some essential maintenance you need to perform to update your use of Twitter Kit from Fabric, and to maintain your apps going forward, you need to connect your Twitter Kit Fabric apps to a Twitter account.

You’ll now manage your app information and Twitter API access using the Twitter app dashboard.

Twitter Kit 3 upgrade steps

Install Twitter Kit 3 from jCenter or CocoaPods.

There are some code changes required, so please also review the upgrade guides (AndroidiOS).

Connect your API keys

To maintain your app going forward, you need to connect your Twitter API keys to a Twitter account you control. Anyone assigned as an administrator in your Fabric organization can perform this step.

Visit the API key connection tool, and connect your Fabric apps to a Twitter account.

Please note, your users’ access to Twitter content and the Twitter API in your app has not been affected by this change, but connecting your Twitter Kit app to a Twitter account is important to guarantee continued service in the future.


Can my app still access the Twitter API?

Yes, your app continues to work just fine! Your Twitter API keys are still active, valid and will continue to function in the current and future versions of your app. However, you do need to connect your API Keys to a Twitter account in order to maintain your application metadata and configure your app’s use of Twitter API features.

Multiple people on my team need to maintain the app

For teams, we recommend creating a new, dedicated Twitter account for your app that can be shared amongst your members. The connection tool will guide you through doing this.

I am not able to connect a Fabric app I own

To connect a Fabric Twitter Kit app to a Twitter account you must be a designated administrator for that app. If you are not, another member of your team should connect the app.

If a Fabric team administrator isn’t available, please file a request with our API support team.

I’ve migrated my app but need to update the app name and description

Your Fabric app names and Twitter API key names may be different. You can simply update your app name, description and organization information by visiting the app dashboard after connecting your app.

I have another question or am unable to connect for app

Please check out the Twitter Kit SDK forum to ask questions or for issues connecting a specific app file a request with our API support team.