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The engagements metadata field returned in the payload is not equal to the sum of all the various engagement metric totals. Why is this the case?

This is to be expected. The engagements metadata field may not always correlate with the sum of all individual engagement metrics returned by the API. This is because the engagements metadata field may include additional engagements that do not have specific metrics broken out in the payload. Said another way, adding all of the various engagement metric totals together may not equal the value you are seeing in the engagements metric field that is returned to you in the payload.

You can think of the engagements metadata field as any click or interaction made on the Tweet.

The url_clicks field in the payload response is returning a number, when in fact the Tweet does not have a URL. How is this possible?

This may be because a Tweet that contains something like a hashtag (that creates a link to another page) will count as a URL click if it is clicked on by a user.

Why can I not receive engagement data for a specific Tweet?

There are various reasons why you might not be able to retrieve engagement data for a specific Tweet, including:

  • The Tweet ID or IDs you have requested are not available based on the authentication token you are using to retrieve data on behalf of a third party.
  • The Tweet ID or IDs you have requested specific to the /totals endpoint are not 90 days or newer and are thus not available for returning the impressions or engagement metrics.
  • The Tweet ID or IDs you have requested are no longer available, usually indicating that they have been deleted or are no longer publicly available for another reason.

Please review the different error messages that you will likely receive in any of the above cases.

Error troubleshooting guide

I am having problems authenticating

Please make sure to review our guidelines on authenticating with the Engagement API.

I have passed the correct consumer key and secret, as well as access token and access token secret, but the following error is being returned. What can I do?

    Your account could not be authenticated. Reason: Unknown Authorization Type;

Make sure not to use any access tokens or secrets when you try and authenticate with the /totals endpoint. This is because if you do include these tokens, and are attempting to pull content from a Tweet not associated with these tokens, you will likely receive an error such as:

    Forbidden to access tweets: 1054424731825229824;

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