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Frequently asked questions

GET /tweets/metrics/private

How many Tweet IDs can I request per API call?

You can include up to 50 Tweets per request. Just make sure you pass a comma-separated list of Tweet IDs with the ids parameter.

The entire request will fail if more than 50 Tweets are requested.  

Why can’t I receive engagement data for a specific Tweet?

There are various reasons why you might not be able to retrieve engagement data for a specific Tweet, including:

  • The Tweet ID(s) you have requested are not from an owned/authorized account. In other words, you are not using the proper access token and secret that are associated with the Tweet owner. If you need to generate an access token and secret for the Tweet owner, please use the 3-legged OAuth process. 
  • The Tweet ID(s) you have requested are older than 30 days.
  • The Tweet ID(s) you have requested are no longer available, usually indicating that they have been deleted or are no longer publicly available for another reason.

Additional information is also included in our documentation on error codes.

Why can’t I receive video view quartiles for a specific media?

The video view quartiles field and associated values will not be returned if the requester is not the author of the media.  

In order to be considered the author of the media, one of the following conditions must apply:

In addition, if you share an authored media URL across different Tweets, you will be able to access metrics for this media by querying any of the Tweets that contain this media. For example, if you natively upload a media URL to Tweet A and later create Tweet B containing the same media URL, you will be able to access video metrics for the authored media both with Tweet A and Tweet B.

Please note: Periscope live videos are not currently supported. 

I am having problems authenticating. How can I avoid authorization errors?

Make sure that you are passing the consumer API key and API secret key of your Twitter developer app, as well as the Tweet owner’s access token and access token secret. In order to get the Tweet owner’s access token and access token secret, you will need the owner of the Tweet to authorize your Twitter developer app through the 3-legged OAuth process. 

My request to the GET /tweets/metrics/private endpoint is successful, but some of the fields I expected to be returned are missing from the response payload. Why is that?

In cases where the values of a metric are absent, such as the case where media metrics are not returned because the developer making the request does not own the media, neither the fields nor the values will be returned in the response payload.  

The counts for some of the engagement metrics returned has decreased. How is this possible?

It is possible to notice decreases in engagement metrics; for example, if someone un-likes a Tweet.

In the case of video views, small discrepancies might occur when our realtime processing engine gets overwritten by a more accurately processed count after a periodic batch job runs.  

Can I retrieve engagement data for a Tweet's Retweets?

No. You cannot retrieve engagement data for Retweets.

You can access engagement data for Quote Tweets from owned/authorized accounts (i.e. Retweets with a new comment), even when the original Tweet is not from an owned/authorized account.  

What is the rate limit for GET /tweets/metrics/private?

This endpoint is rate limited at app level, with a limit of 15 requests per 15-minute window.  

What are the differences between the Labs metrics endpoint functionality and the enterprise Engagement API?

Some of the main differences are outlined in the table below:

Description Metrics endpoint Engagement API
Returns metrics data for Tweets that are no older than... 30 days 90 days
Allows groupings to enable custom organization of the returned engagement metrics No Yes
Provides time-series metrics No Yes (/28hrs and /historical endpoints)
Provides access to public metrics for unowned/unauthorized Tweets No Yes
Maximum number of Tweet IDs supported per request 50 250
Supported metrics impressions, likes, Retweets, Quote Tweets, replies, videos views, video view quartiles impressions, engagements,
favorites (likes), Retweets, replies, video views, media views, media engagements, URL clicks, hashtag clicks, detail clicks, permalink clicks, app install attempts, app opens, Tweet emails, user follows, user profile clicks



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