Twitter Developer Labs

The endpoints we release in Labs will be previews and are likely to change before they are released broadly. We encourage you to take that into consideration as you build.

Twitter Developer Labs is a program that invites our developer community to partner with us in shaping the next generation of our API. Labs releases allow developers to test and share feedback on previews of new API products and features. The endpoints, documentation, and resources for Labs will be updated as we incorporate feedback from the developer community.

Keep in mind that Labs releases are likely to change before they enter a broader release. It is also possible that some Labs features may be cancelled, rather than graduating to fully-supported releases. We’re giving developers an opportunity to experiment with the latest Twitter API endpoints and provide feedback to help shape our roadmap before final releases. For Labs endpoints and features that do graduate to become fully-supported products, we expect to maintain the original Labs version for an overlapping period of time to facilitate migration.

What's new

Check out the “What’s new” page to see how our Labs endpoints compare to our standard API. There are articles describing the new concepts and features of Labs endpoints, like formats and expansions, and a new approach to versioning, and common features. Take a look at the changelog, to keep up to date with changes. Another new feature of Labs is the introduction of an OpenAPI specification. You can download this API specification and can use it in an editor such as Swagger or a REST client such as Insomnia.


Let us know what you'd like to see next

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You can provide feedback on all documentation using the form at the bottom of each page, and we encourage you to provide general Labs feedback, including feature and product requests.