Hide replies v2 (deprecated)

Please note:

We recently graduated hide replies into Twitter API v2: Early Access and announced a 90-day deprecation window. We will retire this endpoint in November 2020.

Learn more about the new hide replies endpoint, and review our migration resources to update to the new Twitter API.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I hide or unhide replies on behalf of a user? What authentication method is available?

The user needs to authorize your app using a three-legged OAuth flow; this flow will allow your app to hide or unhide replies on behalf of the user. Note that this endpoint will only work with OAuth 1.0a user context.

How many Tweets can I hide or unhide?

While this endpoint is in Labs, your app can hide or unhide up to 10 Tweets per 15 minute window, across all the authorized users (there is no limit to the number of users you can authorize). Your app will be able to moderate up to 725 Tweets per conversation.

What Tweets can I moderate?

You can hide any Tweet in a conversation started by the author who is authenticating with your app. This includes replies, including replies of a reply.

What are the Tweets my app cannot moderate?

Your app will not be able to perform actions on Retweets (including Retweets with a comment) of a reply. Your app will not be able to hide the author’s original Tweet and any of their replies.

I signed up for Labs and activated Hide replies, but I still receive an error when trying to use the API. Why is this happening?

This may happen because your app needs the correct permission level. In your developer dashboard, click the Details button next to the app you connected to the preview named “Hide replies”. Select Permissions, and make sure either “Read and write” or “Read, write, and Direct Messages” is selected.

What happens if a user hides or unhides a Tweet from the main Twitter experience?

People can still hide and unhide replies manually. Your implementation must respect the user’s ability to independently change the status of a reply.

I’m getting an error while trying to hide a reply, and my app is authenticating on behalf of the author of the original conversation. Why is this happening?

This may happen because:

  • Your app is trying to hide or unhide reply that does not belong to a conversation started by the authenticating user.
  • Your app is trying to hide or unhide a Tweet or a reply from the authenticating user.
  • Your app may have reached the rate limit for the current 15-minute time window. In this case, your app can check the response headers to pause making request until the rate limit window resets.
  • The conversation may have reached the maximum allowed number of hidden replies.



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