Getting started

Interested in exploring Labs?
The endpoints we release in Labs are previews of tools that may be released more broadly in the future, but will likely undergo changes before then. We encourage you to take that into consideration as you explore. Before getting started, please read more about Twitter Developer Labs.

What's new in Labs

This page provides more insight into what's new and different about Twitter Developer Labs.

How Labs endpoints are different

There are many different technical features that differ from the standard v1.1, premium v1.1, and enterprise APIs. Based on developer feedback, Labs endpoints may change through version increments to introduce or test new features, and new endpoints and features may be added to Labs over time. It is important for developers to be aware and understand the following differences before testing the new Labs endpoints:

  • Existing tooling and parsers for working with Twitter APIs may be limited or broken when working with new Labs endpoints.
  • Labs endpoints will contain a 'labs' identifier and major version within the URI. For example:  
  • ID values are now always and only returned as string representations to be compatible with languages that do not support 64-bit integers.
  • The preferred data response returned by Labs endpoints can be determined by the fields and expansions parameters defined in the requests. 
  • Features of Labs releases may move into general availability or might change through version increments, and may support different parameters or different access methods in the future.

How to access the Labs endpoints

Similar to all Twitter APIs, access to Labs endpoints requires an approved developer account, and a Twitter developer app. To find out when new developer previews and endpoints are available in Labs, sign up to receive email notifications.

  • Once approved you should be able to create a developer app. Developers must join Labs and activate specific developer previews before making any requests
  • Each developer preview in Labs can only be enabled for a single Twitter developer app. The same app may be used for all developer previews, or you may use different apps for each endpoint that you activate.
  • Once you have configured access, check out our quick start guide and share your feedback.
  • Keep an eye on our changelog to stay informed of any updates we make along the way.

Where to leave feedback for Labs endpoints

One of the most important elements of Twitter Developer Labs is the opportunity for developers to provide feedback and collaborate with us as new endpoints and features are introduced. We've created a new feedback channel for developers to share their thoughts and experiences using the Labs endpoints.

How to get support for Labs endpoints

Documentation should be the first location to look for answers to technical questions. The community forums are another great place to seek advice from the Twitter developer ecosystem. Enterprise customers can use existing enterprise support channels.



Additional resources

  • Learn more about the new Developer Labs on the "About Labs" page.
  • Give feedback on Twitter Developer Labs.
  • Tell us about your experience using the Twitter Developer Labs endpoints by filling out this survey.