Please note:

We graduated the Labs version of filtered stream into Twitter API v2: Early Access and retired it in October 2020.

Learn more about the new filtered stream, and review our migration resources to update to The New Twitter API.


GET /labs/1/tweets/stream/filter/rules

Return a list of filter rules currently active on the streaming endpoint, either as a list or individually.

Endpoint URL

Authentication and rate limits

Authentication methods
supported by this endpoint

OAuth 2.0 Bearer token

Rate limit 450 requests per 15-minute window

Learn more about rate limits.

Query parameters

Name Type Description
string Comma-separated list of rule IDs. If omitted, all rules are returned.

Example requests

  • cURL
curl -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer $BEARER_TOKEN" ",1165037377523306497"

Example responses

  • Response
  "data": [
      "id": "1165037377523306497",
      "value": "dog has:images",
      "tag": "dog pictures"
      "id": "1165037377523306498",
      "value": "cat has:images -grumpy"
  "meta": {
    "sent": "2019-08-29T01:12:10.729Z"

Response fields

idstringUnique identifier of this rule. This is returned as a string in order to avoid complications with languages and tools that cannot handle large integers.
valuestringThe rule text as submitted when creating the filter.
tagstringThe tag label as defined when creating the filter.
meta.sentnumberThe time when the request body was returned.
errorsobjectContains details about errors that affected any of the requested Tweets. See Status codes and error messages for more details.

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