Hide replies v1

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This version is retired. There is a new version of the Labs hide replies endpoint available now. For more details, check our comparison and migration guide or our Labs changelog. You can still navigate through our v1 documentation from the links at the end of the Labs v1 overview page.


PUT /labs/1/tweets/:id/hidden

Hides a Tweet that belongs to a conversation initiated by the authenticated user.

Authentication and rate limits

Authentication methods
supported by this endpoint

OAuth 1.0a User context

Rate limit 10 requests per 15-minute window

Learn more about rate limits.

Path parameters

Name Type Description
string Unique identifier of the Tweet to hide. The Tweet must belong to a conversation initiated by the authenticating user.

JSON body parameters

Name Type Description
boolean Indicates this reply needs to be hidden. The only value allowed is true.


  • cURL
  • twurl
curl -XPUT 'https://api.twitter.com/labs/1/tweets/:id/hidden' \
-H "Authorization: OAuth $USER_CONTEXT_SIGNATURE" \
-H "Content-type: application/json" \
-d '{"hidden": true}'
twurl -XPUT '/labs/1/tweets/:id/hidden' \
-A "Content-Type: application/json \
-d '{"hidden": true}'


  • Success

Response fields

hiddenbooleanIndicates if the Tweet was successfully hidden.