Managing Premium v1.1

Premium v1.1 management

The premium v1.1 tier of the Twitter API helps developers who were using the standard v1.1 endpoints, but needed advanced functionality and increased access to filtered historical Tweets.

If you are going to use the premium v1.1 endpoints, you will be managing your integration with those endpoints via the developer portal.


Premium usage

View your usage under the “account” section of the dashboard.

The premium product dashboard is an account-level view of your various premium subscriptions and their respective usage metrics.

For the Premium Search API, you can view the total number of requests you’ve made this billing period, as well as the estimated requests you’ll make by the end of the current billing period. You can also view what percent of your request and Tweet allotment for the current billing period has already been consumed, and when you used your requests throughout the period.  Actual Tweet volume delivered and projected for the period.

For the Premium Account Activity API, you can view the number of subscriptions that you have used out of your total available subscriptions based on the tier.  The volume delivered through Account Activity is not measured. 

Using the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the developer dashboard you can view request usage over different periods of time including the current month, the last 30 days, the last 24 hours, the last 120 minutes, and the past months. The developer dashboard and all requested usage are based on UTC time.



View your "Subscriptions" page

The "Subscriptions" page is an account-level view of your:

  • Various product subscriptions
  • Current month usage for each product and estimated end of month usage
  • The product package you have for each product
  • The start date of the subscription and the renewal date
  • The subscription terms (month-to-month, etc.)
  • Usage limits
  • Current price-per-month for each package
  • The percent of your monthly request allotment that has already been consumed

You can also upgrade your existing subscriptions from this page. Clicking the upgrade button in the top right-hand corner of any product’s usage chart will allow you to view the other packages that are available for this product. Using the ellipses next to any product’s name, you can upgrade, cancel, or edit a current product subscription.


Dev environments

View the "Dev environments" page

To begin using one of the APIs available in the developer portal, you need to set up a dev environment for the endpoint, meaning that you attach one of your Apps to an environment. All of the subscription API packages support at least one dev environment (the number is dependent on the details of your package), which can be used to isolate usage, rules, rate limits, or otherwise within your systems. 

Please note: It is a best practice to associate the products with an App owned by your business @handle to avoid future inconveniences. 



View your "Billing" page

The billing page features information on your billing cycle and most recent charges, your payment methods, and a list of your previous transactions. If you click on a transaction ID, you will be taken to a more detailed view of that invoice.’

If you miss a payment, your paid access will downgrade to the sandbox tier. If you would like to continue to access a paid tier, please re-upgrade via the subscriptions page.

You will notice a "Charge date" field within the "Billing" page. This is the date during which your use case and account was Approved by the Twitter team. If you upgrade, you will pay a prorated fee to get you through your Charge date. From then until you downgrade, you will be charged the subscription fee on your charge date.

If you have any questions, please check out our premium billing FAQ in the support section, or contact our premium API billing support team through the billing support form.


Have any questions?

You can check out our premium FAQ in the support section.