Usage Guidelines

Permitted Use

  • To develop an agreed-to program or service to manage Promoted Products campaigns.

Program Terms

  • This is a non-exclusive program. Twitter, other developers, or its partners may develop products and services that compete with and are similar to your own.
  • Twitter reserves the right to update these terms with 30 days notice.

Financial terms

  • There will be no revenue share on campaigns managed through the Twitter Ads API.

API Access

Terms of Service

  • The Twitter Ads API is also governed by the applicable Terms from:
  • Twitter’s Term of Service
  • Twitter’s Developer Rules of the Road

Rate Limits

  • You agree to work within any API Rate Limits, whether imposed technically or communicated in writing as policy.
  • Twitter may provide you elevated access to the Twitter API and the Twitter Ads API but these limits may change at any time.
  • You should make judicious use of the API and not scrape or aggregate content unnecessarily.

Experimental Access

  • The Twitter API and Ads API and their functionality is subject to change, interruption, or termination at any time.
  • We do not guarantee access and we may make changes to access levels at any time.
  • We may provide you with beta or early access to APIs. You agree to work within any communicated guidelines and confidentiality restrictions for such access. Further, you recognize that such access and APIs may change or be terminated at any time.

Product Requirements


  • You must integrate the ability to manage all reasonable media types, including Promoted Tweets in Timeline and Search, Promoted Accounts, and all associated targeting criteria.

Create value

  • You should enable marketers to more efficiently manage their campaigns on Twitter, take advantage of the network’s real-time conversation, and develop Promoted Products that improve the user experience.


  • You should use the same terms, phrases and feature names to describe the Twitter Service and our ad products.


  • You should display Twitter Reporting data in its own tab or, if you commingle Twitter’s reporting data with data from another third party, you must make it clear which portion of the data comes from Twitter.
  • You must always include CPE or CPF metrics adjacent to last-click attribution metrics (e.g. a CPC) or other reporting metrics (e.g. CPM).
  • You should support and report upon all metrics made generally available in the API within your product.
  • Your reporting and product positioning should be aligned with Twitter’s. For example: CPEs/CPFs.


  • You must adopt new required features and be able to remove deprecated features within 90 days of such changes.

Product Pricing

  • You must charge clients to use your product or service through a fixed or variable percent-of-spend fee structure.
  • If you offer a free version of your product or service, you must limit each client to 100 ad creations per day.



  • Where you report pricing, you must provide transparency into the amount spent on Twitter ads versus your service. Clearly itemize the amount spent on Twitter ads in Twitter’s native metrics (CPE/CPF) and the fee for use of your product or service.
  • You must provide a self serve reporting dashboard for all users of your products or managed service.


  • You must use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain up-to-date data within the Company Service in connection with the Twitter Ads API integration. You must clearly disclose to Clients any material delay inherent in any information about Clients’ Twitter ad campaigns or related analytics data.


  • You must use a separate Advertiser Account for each Client.


  • You must use a different app token for each self-served, managed, and white-labeled version of your application.
  • You must seek Twitter’s approval to offer a white-labeled version of your application.

Clients and Account Management

  • You must provide Clients with the ability to quickly and easily disassociate their Twitter ad campaigns from the Company Service and regain exclusive control of their Promoted Products accounts.
  • You must only allow allow a client or authorized agent of an account view the data or management feature for which they authorized.


  • You cannot permit a third party automated access to the Twitter API — all access must be by a human user via a client interface.
  • You cannot permit a third parties to scrape your service to access account data.
  • You may not share your app tokens with any unauthorized third parties.

Branding and Trademarks

Logo and Trademarks

  • You may use the Twitter trademarks to describe and identify the features of your products that integrate with our APIs. You may not use Twitter trademarks in the naming of your product or service.

Feature naming

  • You should use Twitter’s nomenclature and feature names when providing functionality that mirror’s Twitter’s own.

Data Restrictions and Retention


  • You are not allowed to sell, transfer, lease or otherwise redistribute such data, or its derivative data, to another third party.
  • You may not enable third parties to copy data accessed or derived from the Twitter API or Ads API to another network or service.
  • Data received through the Twitter Ads API and through the Twitter API used in connection with a Twitter Ads API integration may only be used for the Twitter Ads API program or service and as provided for in these proposed terms.


  • You may only cache data for as long as necessary. You must delete all copies of this data at Twitter’s request.
  • You must delete all of an advertiser’s data at their request or if they disconnect from your service.


  • Twitter reserves the right to inspect your interface and request documentation to verify compliance with these terms at any time. You must provide Twitter a full login or aided inspection upon request.
  • You are responsible for the compliance of all software that you whitelabel or sell through channel resellers.
  • You may not interfere with Twitter’s ability to monitor use of the Twitter Advertising API or the performance of your application through any mechanisms or policies that Twitter imposes standards for the API.
  • You must not interfere with the normal operations of the Twitter API.
  • Permitted use and integration of the Twitter Advertising API is subject to Twitter’s final approval.
  • You are responsible for your client’s use of your application and understand that Twitter may revoke access if advertisers using your product do not meet a minimum threshold of ad quality.


  • You must use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the security of all Ads API data and API tokens.
  • All such information must be kept in a secure environment at all times according to industry-standard security measures for such data.
  • You are responsible for all use of Ads API tokens within the Company Service.
  • You must contact Twitter immediately in the event of a security breach, or if a client’s tokens are improperly used.

Revision: April 1, 2013