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Account Activity API (beta)

The Account Activity API (beta) delivers realtime access to activities related to a Twitter account via webhooks. The Account Activity API currently supports delivery of Direct Messages.

Access to the Account Activity API (beta) currently requires completion of an application and whitelisting from Twitter. We are reviewing applications as soon as we can, but bear with us as we expect to have a lot of developers applying for access.

Apply for access to the Account Activity API

During the beta, access to the API is provided for up to 50 account subscriptions per webhook and up to one webhook per Twitter application. If you have a need for access beyond these levels, please let us know by providing more information using this form.

Replacement for User streams and Site streams

The Account Activity API will eventually replace the User streams and Site streams APIs. We plan to provide at least a six month migration window after the Account Activity API graduates from beta. We’ll announce the deprecation date then and encourage you to start using the Account Activity API beta in the meantime.