GET site (deprecated)

Streams messages for a set of users.

Notice: We plan to sunset this API on Thursday August 16th, 2018. The Account Activity API will replace User Streams and Site Streams APIs. If you would like to migrate from the Site Streams API to the Account Activity API, you should read through our migration guide.

Resource URL

Resource Information

Response formats JSON
Requires authentication? Yes (user context only)
Rate limited? Yes


Name Required Description Default Value Example
follow required A comma separated list of user IDs, indicating the users to return statuses for in the stream. See follow for more information.    
delimited optional Specifies whether messages should be length-delimited. See delimited for more information.    
stall_warnings optional Specifies whether stall warnings should be delivered. See stall_warnings for more information.    
with optional Specifies whether to return information for just the users specified in the follow parameter, or include messages from accounts they follow. See with    
replies optional Specifies whether to return additional @replies. See replies for more information.    
stringify_friend_ids optional Specifies whether to send the friends lists preamble as an array of integers or an array of strings. See stringify_friend_id for more information.