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Wise.Blue + PedidosYa

PedidosYa, an online food delivery company, leverages Wise.Blue to drive first time orders.

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Wise.Blue provides comprehensive Twitter Ads solutions for advertisers pursuing performance at scale. Wise.Blue technology employs machine learning and predictive algorithms to manage complex campaigns efficiently at scale, all integrated with the Twitter Ads API. PedidosYa, an online food delivery company, was looking to drive first time orders in the Latin American markets. Through Wise.Blue’s technology and campaign strategy, PedidosYa achieved performance goals within a year.  


Increase in app installs


 Increase in unique customers


Reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA)


PedidosYa set its sights on improving awareness, improving customer lifetime value, and driving more first time orders from unique users through their app. The campaign was geared towards increasing app installs with Twitter selected as a primary platform to accomplish these goals.

The Strategy

Through a highly targeted campaign, optimization and testing across a variety of audiences definitions enabled PedidosYa to learn what would perform best.

  • People were targeted on both Android and iOS devices and divided by channel (Twitter and Twitter Audience platform).
  • Audiences were segmented in the following clusters, including: Foodies, Students, Beauty lovers, Sport lovers, and Tech lovers.
  • Campaigns were optimized daily for a variety of KPIs such as cost-per-signup through Wise.Blue machine learning technology.  Testing and learning through machine learning identified the creative and targeting combinations to generate the best (optimal) result.  
  • Creative & messaging was refreshed regularly to avoid creative fatigue.

"Wise.Blue has been an amazing partner which allowed us to scale our campaigns on Twitter and exceeded our expectations both in terms of dedication as well as responsiveness and overall success."

Nadine Nickelsen, Director of Paid Social at Delivery Hero

The results

In a year’s time, the Wise.Blue team powered PedidosYa’s success in driving their cost per acquisition average down by 31% and attracted +310% more unique customers on Twitter. 


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