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SocialDatabase + ASICS

ASICS partners with SocialDatabase to target runners to increase purchase intent.

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SocialDatabase offers hyper targeted Twitter audiences thru SUPERAUDIENCES, which are custom audiences derived from analyzing Twitter data and activated thru the Twitter Ads API. ASICS leveraged SUPERAUDIENCES to identify runners in the UK with the goal of increasing overall purchase intent in that market. The results measured through a 3rd party brand lift study showed that runners exposed to the campaign were 52% more likely to buy an ASICS running shoe than those who did not see the campaign.


Increase in purchase intention


Video completion rate

The Challenge

ASICS wanted to increase the demand for ASICS shoes among runners in the United Kingdom.

The Strategy

SOCIALDATABASE built a SUPERAUDIENCE for ASICS made possible by a deeper analysis of the Twitter data archive to understand the behaviour of this particular audience.

People on Twitter who, for example, marathon runners or recently followed specific runner brands were selected. By analyzing and mapping the recent behavior of people on Twitter, broad and narrow audiences were created. Budgets were then allocated and optimized towards people with a greater likelihood of being in-market for buying running shoes.

"To be sure we were spending our advertising budget wisely, we were looking for a way to define our audience more precisely than the native Twitter targeting options. Working with SOCIALDATABASE allowed us to run our campaign targeting the exact audience required to fit within our broader marketing strategy. The results were very impressive and I would definitely recommend SOCIALDATABASE to other companies looking to improve on their Twitter targeting options."

 Andy Griffiths, Social Media Manager, ASICS EMEA

The Results

Measured by a third party brand lift study, results showed runners who were exposed to the campaign were 52% more likely to buy ASICS running shoes compared to runners who did not see any campaign. Additionally, the campaign drove a video completion rate of 27.5% resulting in more than 1 in 4 people viewing the entire video ad.


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