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Innovating on the Twitter API v2 and investing in our community

  By Greg Lyon and Alan Lee   28 April  2022

  By Greg Lyon and Alan Lee

28 April 2022

Our mission is to build an open developer platform that serves the public conversation. This means we are working to make it easier for developers to build, innovate, and make Twitter better for everyone. Our mission remains just as important this week as it ever has been. We will continue to be transparent with our roadmap and we will continue to invest in our community. Our roadmap remains the same, and our dedication to our developer community is unwavering. 

This year, we have launched many features and products to help developers get started on our platform much faster, and we continue to innovate and add more functionality into the Twitter API v2 with core elements of the Twitter experience. We are just getting started and remain dedicated to earning your trust.

Build with the core elements of the Twitter experience

Over the past few months, we’ve made a number of additions to the Twitter API v2 that deliver API parity to some of the core elements of the Twitter experience. This functionality unlocks new use-cases for you.

  • The new Bookmarks endpoints enable you to build tools to allow people to search, organize, or manage Bookmarks outside of the Twitter app. Learn more about these endpoints, and check out some of the ideas we’ve heard that people want to see. 
  • The new Quote Tweets lookup endpoint enables developers and researchers to retrieve Quote Tweets to better understand the complete context around a conversation. 
  • We also improved the Retweets and Likes endpoints, and added a new sort_order parameter for the search endpoints.

Twitter API v2 SDKs

We want to express gratitude for the work our developer community does to build and maintain SDKs and libraries of your own, and we will continue to partner closely with library developers to help you keep your tools up-to-date. We encourage all developers building with the Twitter API to find the library or SDK that works best for you, whether that is a community-built or Twitter-built library.

To make it easier to integrate and build with the Twitter API, we recently released the first-ever, official Twitter API v2 SDKs for Java and TypeScript/JavaScript. These SDKS are ready to use right out of the box, allowing you to skip some of the manual processes of writing full requests. The SDKs also simplify authentication so that you can get your app into your audience’s hands faster. To ensure you’re always able to take advantage of new features, the SDKs are constantly updated to include full support for new Twitter API v2 functionality like OAuth 2.0, and all of the available v2 endpoints. 

Our hope is that the official Twitter SDKs complement what’s already available, and provide additional tools and resources to make it easier for you to get started and build on the Twitter Developer Platform. Check out our list of tools and libraries.

Easier access to Twitter data for Academic Researchers

In addition to our SDKs, we recently released a new Tweet downloader tool - a no-code solution that provides those of you conducting academic research a quick and easy way to access the full-archive of Twitter data. The Tweet downloader interface provides an easy-to-use query builder, and allows researchers to download datasets directly to their machine. 

Academic researchers contribute to the public conversation in incredibly valuable ways, and technical knowledge should not be a barrier to that contribution. 

New toolkits for Google Cloud

We also added new developer toolkits to help you get started faster with some of our most powerful endpoints:

Partnership with AWS Data Exchange

We partnered with AWS Data Exchange to launch a curated cryptocurrency dataset, which is now available for free to AWS subscribers. Cryptocurrency continues to be a trending topic on Twitter, and this first-of-its kind collaboration with AWS enables more developers to analyze the global conversation. 

We continue our commitment to building an open developer platform, and are excited to see what you build with these new features and functionality. Join the conversation with us tomorrow at this month’s town hall with Amir Shevat and members of our Developer Advocacy team.

Twitter is a better place when developers are a part of it, and we are grateful for your continued creative energy, engagement, and feedback.