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New API Tools for Developers

  By Alan Lee - Developer Advocate    9 December 2021

  By Alan Lee

Developer Advocate 

  9 December 2021

We believe developers improve Twitter on its mission to strengthen the public conversation. When developers succeed, Twitter succeeds. So, today we are introducing three new tools to help developers build faster and more confidently with the Twitter API v2. Less work for you means more time doing what you love. 

  • API Explorer - Quickly and visually create working API calls with any available v2 endpoint.
  • Query Builder - Easily craft working queries or filtered stream rules for the v2 search and streaming endpoints.
  • v1.1 to v2 Query Migration - Translate v1.1 queries into working versions for v2.

API Explorer

All three developer tools are available to try with or without a Twitter developer account.

You can familiarize yourself with the Twitter API endpoints through the interactive API Explorer tool. Using this tool, you may select any v2 endpoint and see what type of HTTP methods and parameters are available.

API endpoint explorer

To fully take advantage of this tool, create an account to gain access to authentication credentials to test the tool’s generated requests.

Auto generated API request

Query Builder

The Query Builder tool is used to create a set of filters for the search Tweets and filtered stream rule endpoints. Like the API Explorer, there is an interactive user interface to visually create a new query or paste in an existing one. This can be helpful to troubleshoot and get more relevant Tweets for a project.

Query Builder interactive form

While this does not generate a request like the API explorer, the same type of builder UI can be found when selecting the search Tweets or filtered stream rules inside the API Explorer.

v1.1 to v2 Query Migration 

The Migration tool is for those who are using v1.1 query searches and want to convert them to v2. Simply copy and paste the v1.1 queries into the text box and press the convert button. 

v1.1 to v2 query migration 

Get started

Sign up for a developer account or try out the tools today. We want your feedback, so please let us know what you think. Reach out in the community forums or on Twitter at @twitterdev.